Common Questions

How to register?
  Please select “Sign Up” on the upper right side of the main page, then fill out your details to register. You need to register as a regular membership first before upgrading to a VIP membership.
Will the registration cost me?
  It is free to register as a regular member, while VIP memberships require an annual fee to register.
Will guests be allowed into the technical database?
  Our website is open to all guests; however certain functions such as the database may require a membership to browse.
What are the benefits of regular members?
  Regular members have the rights to write enquiry letters to manufactures, browse technical database etc..
What are the benefits of VIP members?
  Please refer to the relevant “membership rights” for the rights of VIP members; this includes free manufactures, platinum manufactures, diamond manufactures etc.
How to recognize membership status?
  Membership status will be shown on the upper part of the main page, next to the advertisement
How to check the expiry date of my VIP membership?
  VIP members can check their expiry date from the website administer system.
Is it possible to cease renewal of an expired VIP membership?
  Yes, after expiring the VIP membership will return to a regular membership.
Will there be any warnings before the expiry of a VIP membership?
  We will warn you to renew your VIP membership 30 days before expiry.
Why is it necessary to login?
  Certain services within our website require a membership status to access, so it is necessary to login. You are required to have a regular membership or VIP membership to be eligible for login.
What should I do when I lost my password?
  Please select “Forgot Password?” on the upper right side of the main page, then fill out your email address to receive an email with a reset code and the relevant instructions on resetting your password.

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