Member Rights & Interests

Member Level General Platinum Diamond
Price(one year) Free NT$6,000
Now free trial!
Now free trial!
    Now platinum and daimond are free trial.
Company Profile Yes Yes
    You can establish company profile.
Company photo and trademark Yes Yes
    You can put a logo and a photo on your home page.
Website   Yes Yes
    You can own your webpages on TWPM that provide management interface for users.
Product Categories 5 8
    You can choose product cate gories that make buyer easy search.
The numbers of published products 10 50
    You can upload product of photos and specification.
E-Catalog   10 50
    You can upload e-catalog that make buyer download.
Contact Us   Yes Yes
    That makes buyer contact with you easily.
Offical site link   Yes Yes
    Platinum and diamond members can link their website to TWPM
Keyword Search   5 15
    TWPM provides internal keyword search.
News   5 10
    You can update the latest news and information.
Buyer's letter inquiry and reply   Yes Yes
    You can use the mailbox to receive and reply buyer's inquiries.
Read access to buyers purchasing information   Yes Yes
     Only for diamond member. TWPM collect willing buyers and contact with members to get the business preferentially.
New Vendors on Home page   Yes Yes
   Besides general members, new vendors will be showed on home page of TWPM.
Recommended vendors on home page     Yes
    Besides general members, TWPM will verify that the vendors are quality to show on home page.
Advertising   10% OFF 20% OFF
     Besides general members, others have a premium of advertising.
     Detailed charge for advertisement, please contact with TWPM.

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