Website Introduction

"Taiwan Plastic Machinery Network" is a professional search platform, designed for the purpose of information collection for the professional plastic machinery industry in Taiwan. The website contains a many categories for classifying products used in the plastic industry, this includes a variety of commonly used terms, scientific names and regular expressions as key words, providing visitors a quick and easy way to search for products they want and reducing searching time in order to improve working efficiency.

Related plastic machinery products are collected in one site with integrated marketing in order to reduce the costs of marketing promotion. By using this, a target site can be established.

Currently, the main language used in "Taiwan Plastic Machinery Network" is Traditional Chinese. In the future, English & Simplified Chinese versions will also be available for people all over the world. This enables users to publish their products in different languages.

The goal for establishing the website "Taiwan Plastic Machinery Network" is to enable customers all over the world to search for plastic machinery products through one simple website, increasing and enhancing the publicity of the Taiwanese plastics industry, and to further promote international marketing of Taiwanese plastic machinery products.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope this website will bring more business opportunities for you as well as the Taiwanese plastic industry.

At present, all services within the "Taiwan Plastic Machinery Network" are free, please feel free to use!

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